Bomas Of Kenya Activities

Here is a list of activities that tourists can enjoy while visiting the Bomas Of Kenya.

1.Cultural Performances
Kenyan bomas are renowned for their traditional dancing performances. Visitors can take in traditional dance performances from a variety of Kenyan ethnic groups, including the Maasai, Kikuyu, Luo, Kalenjin, and many more.

2. Cultural Exhibitions
The museum houses a sizable collection of artifacts from Kenya’s various cultures. Clothing, jewelry, home goods, and musical instruments are some of these artifacts.

3. Workshops
Bomas of Kenya provide classes in a variety of traditional crafts, including pottery making, basket weaving, and beadwork. Visitors are welcome to observe skilled artisans at work and perhaps give these crafts a try.

4. Learning Languages
Additionally, tourists can pick up some of the regional tongues used in Kenya, like Kikuyu and Swahili. Learning about the culture and traditions of persons who speak these languages can be done through language classes, which are taught by native speakers.

5. Guided Tours
Guided tours of the center and its displays are available via Bomas of Kenya. Visitors can discover the significance of the various ethnic groups in Kenya as well as their history, culture, and customs.

6. Traditional Games
Visitors can also participate in age-old activities like Mancala and Bao. These games have been played for many years in Kenya and are a wonderful way to get to know the local culture.

7. Food.
Additionally, Utamaduni Restaurant, owned by Bomas of Kenya, offers traditional Kenyan cuisine. Visitors can savor delectable meals at reasonable prices, including local barbecue (nyamachoma), Kenya’s staple food ugali (maize porridge), and community-specific specialties like Gikuyu mukimo (potatoes), Abagusii matoke (plantain bananas), Abaluhya traditional ingokho (chicken and green vegetables), etc.

8. Picnics.
A superb botanical garden is there, with a nice mixture of native plants like the cape fig and wild date palm as well as exotic trees like the casuarina, Indian rubber plant, and jacaranda, to name a few.

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