Best Places To Visit In Nanyuki

Below is a list of the best places to visit in Nanyuki. Nanyuki is an excellent option for those looking for a great weekend getaway.

 1.Visit the Ol Pejeta Conservancy

The Ol Pejeta Conservancy is one of the top tourist destinations in Kenya and is situated in the Laikipia Plateau between the Aberdares and Mount Kenya. The rare white rhinos can be found in the 360 square kilometer private game reserve, which is dedicated to conserving wild creatures. Known around the world for having the world’s final two Northern White Rhinos. Visitors can go horseback riding or visit the Sweetwaters Chimpanzee refuge, the only chimpanzee refuge in Kenya, in addition to nature hikes and wildlife drives.

2. Explore the Mau Mau Caves

At the base of Mount Kenya, close to Nanyuki town, lie the Mau Mau Caves. During the 1952–1960 Kenyan emergency, the Mau Mau liberation rebels exploited these magnificent caves as a shelter. In the caves, you have a fantastic chance to explore nature and are located inside an indigenous forest that opens up to a beautiful waterfall.

3. Swim at Ngare Ndare Forest

Ngare Ndare Forest, which lies in Timau, is one of Kenya’s top hiking destinations. The abundant native woodland provides a lot of breathtaking beauty. crossing the 450-meter-long canopy hanging bridge on foot. You can continue your trip for around three kilometers after leaving the bridge. Enjoy birding, swimming in the pool’s chilly water, and taking in the beautiful animals. A solitary excursion might be complicated and expensive because the forest is spread out in a remote area. Therefore, we advise signing up for this reasonably priced excursion with a local guide.

4. Stop at the Equator Marker

It’s entertaining to get out of the car and take a photo at the exact center of the world, even though the Nanyuki equator market is little more than a dilapidated sign next to the road. A man who uses a bucket method to demonstrate the Coriolis effect is typically present. Basically, the distinction between the directions in which water flows in the northern and southern hemispheres. Additionally, there are parking spaces and gift shops.

5. Climb Mount Kenya

The first-highest mountain in Kenya and the second-highest mountain in all of Africa is Mount Kenya. Burguret or Sirimon gates at Nanyuki provide access to the mountain. The latter is preferred by travelers since it is thought to be the simplest and prettiest path. The three main peaks of the mountain are Batian, Nelion, and Lenana. Of the three peaks, Point Lenana is the most popular. However, if you’re a more advanced and experienced climber, you may prefer attempting the more technical peak, Batian.

6. Visiting the Chaka Ranch Leisure Park

The Chaka Ranch Leisure Park, which is in Kiganjo, is well-known for its all-inclusive family entertainment options. From the largest selections of quad bikes and go-karts to skating, paintball, team-building activities, and kid-friendly games. In addition to providing accommodations in their hotel, they also provide luxurious tented camping, which is far superior to staying in regular hotel rooms.

7. Visit Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy

Laikipia is home to this private conservation area. One will be able to see Mount Kenya in an especially stunning way from here. On the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River, you may ride horses in the evening, go on wildlife drives, and observe the rarest species. Your home away from home, the accommodations offered are quite comfortable. Delicious food is served, and the rooms are tastefully decorated with custom furniture and sculptures.

8. White Water Rafting at the Sagana River

 whitewater rafting down the Sagana river is an adrenaline rush activity. While adults can only kayak along long stretches of the river, children can paddle around in smaller boats and even try to sail beneath a waterfall with their parents. Many organizations offer lodging options and whitewater, kayaking, and ziplining facilities.

9. Eat at the Trout Tree Restaurant

As a farm-to-table establishment, Trout Tree Restaurant takes great pride in this. Travelers love it for its delectable fresh trout and scenic surroundings. Their vegetables come right from the garden, and their trout is caught in the nearby pond. On the banks of the Burguret river, the restaurant is constructed around a big mugumo tree. Beyond the vegetarian dishes, they also serve beef, pizzas (on weekends only), and cocktails.

10. Visit Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy

The Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy is situated near Mount Kenya’s foothills. The mountain bongo antelope species, which is practically extinct, and other wildlife in the area are protected by the conservancy, which was founded to do so. In the reserve, you can find elephants, leopards, buffalo, enormous forest pigs, and many other kinds of animals. The conservancy also rescues and cares for orphaned and abandoned wild animals in addition to running breeding programs for the bongo and the rare white zebra.
Visitors are welcome to stop by the animal orphanage to meet and learn about the local animals while at Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy. It may be your last opportunity to see a mountain bongo in the wild although the orphanage also houses cheetahs, leopards, pygmy hippos, and other natural wildlife.

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