African Pool, is a miracle of nature! Carved by the sea and the wind out of the coral reef, the large AFRICA SHAPED pool sits next to the cliffs at Tiwi.


You can leap into it from the nearby cliffs and it is perfect for snorkeling as it is filled with lots of tiny fishes.There is even a passage way under the water, a channel , that you can swim through from East Africa to Madagascar.Right here on a country that straddles the African part of the equator there is a pool shaped just like the African continent.  Carved by the sea and the wind out of the coral reef, the large pool sits next to the cliffs at Tiwi. Shaped like Africa it is close enough to leap into from the nearby cliffs and perfect for snorkeling.  I’ve seen lionfish, octopus, starfish as well as the usual suspects: surgeon fish, sergeant fish, gobies, clownfish and eels. There is even a cave you can swim through from East Africa to Madagascar.  The pool is a 10 minute walk along reef so only accessible at low tide.  Go in a large group or with a local guide as there have been some robberies along the way. 

african pool

The excursion begins with meeting at the starting point and cross Kongo River. The trip takes place during low tide so crossing the river is as easy as crossing a small gentle stream.We will take an easy , slow , scenic 10minutes motor bike ride through beautiful Tiwi, you get to have a feel of how the local community lives in this area, during the ride.Everyone gets their own personal motorbike with a well trained rider to make it more comfortable and fun.

We will then take a 10min BEACH walk to the African pool from where the motorbike leaves us.On the walk we will pass through significant caves and cliffs, with different shapes and forms carved by the ocean waves continously slapping on them during high tide.

You will notice lots of smaller pools that are home to tiny colouful fish and exotic sea life such as sea spiders, the red crab, sea urchins and sea cucumber. Almost feels like a natural aquarium.

At the African pool we will swim and soak in the sun for about an hour before heading back to the starting pointIf you are daring enough you could climb up the nearby cliffs and dive into the pool.The pool is only accessible during low tide so please reach out to get the correct timings for your dates before bookingBeach shoes are necessary for this trip.

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